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Previous Lectures

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Date Name Number
2017-10-16New Age Spirituality and Healing: From the perspective of Sacralized SelfNot limited to
2017-10-02Frontier Tea Story: Territory, Place, and Land Use Politics of the Southbound Taiwanese TeaNot limited to
2017-09-18“An Extraordinary Collector”: Carl W. Bishop, Ji Li and “the First Field Archaeological Work Led by the Chinese” (1926) Not limited to
2017-09-11Beyond Cinema: Film Screening and Discussion of the Documentary "Musical Sojourn"Not limited to
2017-09-04Working with psychologists and what more I've learnt about the Vezo of MadagascarNot limited to
2017-06-05Nation Branding in Contemporary Taiwan – A Grassroots PerspectiveNot limited to
2017-05-08Rethinking The Southwest in Ming-Qing Literary imaginationNot limited to
2017-04-10The Ideology of Tyranny: Bataille, Foucault, and the Postmodern Corruption of Political DissentNot limited to
2017-03-13Industrial-Scale Ethnography: An Unfinished Project in Search of a TeamNot limited to
2017-02-13Just Buying Soy Sauce: Media Practices of Vernacular Creativity in Postdigital ChinaNot limited to
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