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Date Name Number
Discursive Turns in Heritagization of the Chinese Grand CanalNot limited to
2017-11-29Migration Adaptation and Identification of the Indigenous Groups-A Case Study of Kucapungane People in Sandi VillageNot limited to
2017-11-22Wife-Givers and Chieftaincy: Native Politics and Ritual Making of Southwest China during Imperial periodNot limited to
2017-11-08Hidden turbulences of daily life: The symbiotic relationship of the Penan under the post-environmental movement period in Sarawak, MalaysiaNot limited to
2017-10-25The transformation of the creative city discourse in Taipei, Shanghai and Hong KongNot limited to
2017-10-11Where the Roads All End: The Marshall Family’s Kalahari Photography 3D Lecture Not limited to
2017-09-27A Study on Morphology of the Tjuwabar Paiwan’s Ritual Languages: From the Perspective of Cognitive LinguisticsNot limited to
2017-09-20Household, Clan, and Economy: A Case Study on The Agricultural Activities of Bunun People in Lavulang CommunityNot limited to
2017-08-16The Comparative Research of ethnic relations under heritage governance:take Penang and Melaka, Malaysia for exampleNot limited to
2017-08-09Taiwanese folktales on GhostsNot limited to
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