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Date Title
2020-05-01Re-entry into the Ethnology Library of the Academia Sinica and related measures
2020-05-25Re-entry into the Library of the HS Section of the Academia Sinica and related measures
2020-06-03Database maintance - 自立晚報
2020-05-22Database Trial - Grolier Online
2020-05-21Database Trial - Naxos Spoken Word Library
2020-05-21Database Trial - Naxos Music Library
2020-05-07Database Trial - J-Gate全球電子期刋文獻索引資料庫
2020-04-30Database Trial - Brill collection西文期刊
2020-04-28Database Trial - Early European Books (EEB) Collection 1-16古典歐洲電子書
2020-04-13New Database - 競業知識網
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