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Application for Visiting Scholars and Students

Application Guidelines

Applicant Qualification

To facilitate academic exchanges with the international anthropologists and research institutions, the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica invites scholars and graduate students to apply for this Visiting Scholar (Students) Program to carry out field research in Taiwan.

Type of Applicant

Applicants who are current faculty members at universities or academic research institutions overseas will be accepted as Visiting Scholars and graduate students as Visiting Students. Applicants’ research should relate to anthropology, sociology, or other social sciences, and they should get a cooperative/advisory consent letter from one of the faculty members.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit the following documents, and send them directly to the director. All applications and the formal acceptance will be reviewed and determined by the Academic Development Committee. Submissions should include each copy of the following documents:

1. Letter of recommendation: Applicants for Visiting Scholars, the letter is required to be written by their university or academic research institution’s president, college dean, or department chair. For Visiting Students, it is to be written by their university advisor.
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Research proposal: Includes applicants’ academic background and research interests, research project for the duration, research methods & procedures, and the necessity of carrying out research at IOE
4. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or exemption from applicants’ institution (please explain if not available)
5. Signed IRB Commitment Form of IOE (this form provided by IOE)
6. Proof of financial support for the duration of the program
7. Certificate of medical and accidental insurance for visiting duration
8. Cooperative/Advisory Consent Letter from any research faculty of IOE (this form provided by IOE)

Right and obligation

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Visiting Scholars (Students) should report for duty to the Institute. He/she is expected to adhere to research ethics in their field. If the research period is over six months, the visiting researcher is required to give a talk or lecture before leaving. Written acknowledgment of IOE assistance should be included in any publications and/or dissertations, and have that copy(s) sent to the Institute. The institute provides a variety of research facilities and assistance, but cannot provide the funds.

Files:Visiting Scholars(Students) Program Application Guideline(PDF)(Download)

Files:Application Form(DOC)(Download)

Files:Cooperative/Advisory Consent Letter(PDF)(Download)

Files:IRB Commitment Form(PDF)(Download)

Contact Person

Ms Lin: