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Academic Development Committee

The Academic Development Committee consists of nine members, of which at least three have research fellow status or higher. The three academic administrative directors are ex officio members, and the rest are selected by members of the research faculty who attend the Institute's regular meetings.

The main task of the committee is to advise on overall research prospects and the development of the Institute, and to review research programs, cooperative programs and events with other institutes.

NameResearch InterestsE-Mail
Huang, Shu-Min 台灣漢人社會、中國華南社會、泰北社會文化研究
Chang, Hsun 文化人類學、醫療人類學、宗教人類學
Yeh, Kuang-Hui  社會心理學、道德發展、家庭心理學、本土心理學
Chiang, Bien 社會人類學
 Fung, Heidi  發展心理學、文化心理學
Chu, Ruey-Ling 人格與社會心理學、家庭教化、文化與情緒
Liu, Shao-Hua  醫療人類學、全球化、現代性、性別、中國彝族、農村公共衛生與醫療
 Chen, Wen-Te  社會人類學
Guo, Pei-Yi  歷史人類學、文化人類學理論與方法、地景與文化、貿易與交換網絡、法律人類學、災難人類學