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Information Technology Center

The computer division was established in December 1985, and is responsible for information-related affairs of the Institute and the procurement and maintenance of hardware and facilities. Due to the rapid increase of information facilities, a computer office was established in 1987, and three contract assistants from the Academic Research Division were appointed to assist in office operation. In 1989, the Institute established the position of contract computer assistant, and in 1990 an official computer technician position was set. Furthermore, the original computer division was restructured as the Computer Management Committee in July 1991 to provide better resource management and deployment,. The committee is responsible for the management of computer facilities and planning, the supervision of the computer office (now the Information Technology Center), and management and distribution of all computer facilities throughout the institute. For the past several years, the committee set the goal of letting every research faculty member being able to access to individual computer facilities, including up-to-date personal computers, basic office suites, antivirus software and laser printers. Moreover, all computers can access to the Internet, granting access to worldwide information resources. The committee operates by a directorial system with regular meetings held every three months. In response to the rapid growth in the number of books and image resources, and to promote more efficient exchange of research data, the Institute has established. Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues and the information personnel from Academia Sinica over the past decade, an integrated computer network and a fiber-optic network connecting Academia Sinica with Taiwan and the world. , This permits easy access to the Taiwan Academic Network and worldwide academic resources.