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Medical Anthropology Research Group

English Summary

Medical Anthropology Research Group

In this ever-changing landscape of globalization, medical anthropology—in the U.S., for instance—has risen to such prominence as to command the traditional field of cultural anthropology and leave its imprints on science and social sciences in general. Around the world, medical research in anthropological contexts has engaged in fruitful dialogues with studies of history and social sciences and created a broad array of concerns unimaginable a couple decades ago. However, despite the increasing number of scholars and students committed to medical anthropology in Taiwan, it has hardly staked out its territory as a sub-discipline in Taiwanese scholarly world. Therefore, in order to emphasize its enduring relevance to a wide range of disciplines, we organize this research group of medical anthropology in which to exchange research results and to find grounds for further research collaboration.
Most importantly, we hope to institutionalize such a platform and develop a research community where anthropology provides a point of departure for researchers interested in or devoted to medical issues and anticipates dialogues among Asia-Pacific medical anthropologists. Similarly in Eastern Asia, medical anthropology is only in its nascent phase with promising great potentials. We will gather such academic forces and set sights on joint regional work in the near future. Conveners: Hsun Chang and Shao-hua Liu