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English Summary

Body Experience Research Team

Body Experience Research Team was inspired by the "Interdisciplinary Project of Culture, Chi, and Traditional Medicine" led by academician Li Yih-Yuan. When this three-year integrated project was completed at the end of 2000, several participants specializing in the humanities decided to continue to share their ideas and develop the topic at regular discussions. After a number of scholars in relevant fields were enlisted in the effort, regular book discussion meetings and lectures were held starting in 2001 under the name "Chi Culture Research and Discussion Society." This group formally applied to the Institute to establish the "Experience of the Body Research Team" in 2002. Members come from various disciplines, including anthropology, history, Chinese literature, religious studies, psychology, sociology and philosophy. In 2004 we separated into two groups and applied joint research projects from Academia Sinica and CCK Foundation, with the titles “Why Body Matters? Cultural Categories of Body Experience in Daily Life” and “Sensory Experience and Chinese Traditional Medicine”, both accepted. We also organized three workshops in the summer of 2005 (“Objects and the Experience of the Body”), 2006 (“Bodily Cultivation and Cultural Learning”) and 2007 (“Everyday Life and the Experience of the Body”).