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The Museum Committee

The Museum Committee was established under the Institute, and is responsible for monitoring and assisting museum affairs, and providing professional consulting services on exhibitions and research.

Members of Our Team:

Curator 1
  • General Museum Affairs and Administrative Coordination.
  • Committee Members of the National Digital Archives Program of the Institute of Ethnology.
Collection and Preservation
Division Official
  • Procurement, Registration, Photography, and Management of Specimens.
  • Management, Maintenance, and Establishment of the Specimen, Text and Imagery Database; Setup and Maintenance of the Museum Website.
  • Reporting, Management, and Maintenance of Valuable Properties and Artifacts.
  • Members of the National Digital Archives Program of the Institute of Ethnology.
Exhibition 1
  • Exhibition Project Management.
  • Exhibition Technique Support.
  • Exhibition Room Maintenance.
  • Exhibition Digitization.
Multimedia Special Assistant 1
  • Procurement of Research Multimedia Facilities, Consulting, Assistance in Operation, Facilities Distribution, Management, and Maintenance.
  • Collection and Procurement of Multimedia Resources on Anthropology, Resource Circulation, Management, and Maintenance.
  • Assist in Field Work Image Collection, Video Recording of Conferences, and Digital Post-production.
  • Establishment, Management, and Maintenance of the Search System of Museum Multimedia Resources.
  • Assist in Museum Exhibition Planning and Execution; Establishment and Maintenance of the Museum Website.


  • Visitor Service.
  • Group Guided Tour.
  • Educational Activities.
  • Volunteer Management.
  • Project Management of Cooperation with Indigenous Communities.