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Accessing and borrowing from the Museum Collection

The “Regulations Concerning the Borrowing and Use of Artifacts Collected in the Museum of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica”were established to allow institutes and researchers access to the museum’s collection and specimens. Please read the regulations before applying.

Contact: +886-2-2652-3309

To borrow the museum collection:

  1. A detailed research/publication project proposal is required for any request to borrow museum specimens for research, photographs, or publication.
  2. For the details regarding the project proposal, please see item no. 3 in the regulations.
  3. The project proposal should specify the classification number and name of the requested artifact (accessible via the specimen database).
  4. Please download and fill in the application form, and provide your name, method of use, and purpose. A list of requested items is also required.
  5. Please mail your application to the museum and include the research/publication project proposal.
  6. The museum will contact the applicant upon receipt of the application documents to make confirmation.
  7. Applications will be reviewed by the museum committee.
  8. Approved applications: the museum will contact the applicant to arrange future appointments with the applicant.
  9. Before accessing the requested artifact, the applicant is required to read and sign the agreement of use contract.
  10. Unapproved applications: the museum will contact the applicant.
  11. The application will be documented as unapproved. The applicant can then revise the project proposal based on comments from the committee and apply again.
  12. After the research results have been published, the applicant should send two copies to the Institute: one for the museum and one for the library. The applicant should also provide one copy of data describing the specimens used.