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Applicationfor Library Card

  • Members of Academia Sinica should bring identity cards, a copy of their contract (or a signed and approved official document), two photos, and fill in the application form, which must also be signed by the administrative director.
  • Faculty members and students in Taiwan should consult their school libraries first, to make sure that their libraries have signed the interlibrary loan agreement with the Institute library. Otherwise, the Institute library reserves the right to reject the application for library cards (See the list of organizations which have signed the interlibrary loan agreement).
  • Lending your library card to another person is prohibited. If your library card is lost, please report to the library staff and apply for a new card (there is a NT$200 charge to replace the library card). If books are damaged or lost as a result of a lost library card or due to misconduct, the original card holder will be held responsible.