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Nationwide Document Delivery Service

Document Delivery Service (DDS) allows users to request books and copied materials, not included in our library collection, from other participating libraries via the interlibrary loan.

The library is a member of the Interlibrary Cooperation Association and Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and works closely with both domestic and overseas libraries. Beginning on 1 November 1999, the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) has allowed users to request interlibrary loans and copies of materials, such as book chapters or journal articles, providing more efficient services to our faculty and interested researchers.

Currently, a union catalog search is available for bibliographic descriptions of Chinese/Western language/Mainland China/Japanese periodicals, conference papers and proceedings, NSC research projects, and library holdings. Interlibrary loans/copy services are available online.

In addition to interlibrary loan services, the library has signed interlibrary loan agreements with university libraries in Taiwan, providing a variety of interlibrary loan services.

Request for Nationwide Document Delivery Service:

  • User account application: Please create your user account before requesting NDDS. Once you receive the confirmation by e-mail, you can apply online for interlibrary loan and copying services.
  • Making online requests: Online requests for interlibrary loan/copied materials can be made by filling in the online form specifying the library/organization that has the requested materials.

Please note:

  • Locating the libraries/organizations: For efficient delivery of your requested materials, please use the joint catalogue to locate the library/organization that has the requested materials.
  • Use other databases to search for interlibrary loans, copied book chapters, or any journal article copies which cannot be located via the bibliographic search for Chinese/Western language/Mainland China/Japanese periodicals.
  • Provide multiple sources for your requested materials: Please provide multiple libraries/organizations (if possible) that have the requested materials to ensure efficient delivery.
  • Please specify the type of request (interlibrary loan or interlibrary copying services). In the case of interlibrary copying services, please provide periodical titles, article titles, and page numbers.
  • Fees: The library charges NT$3 per page for interlibrary copies or microfiche copies, NT$6 if faxed, plus a processing fee of NT$20 per request (plus an additional NT$20 if sent via registered mail, and NT$30 if sent via express registered mail; air-mail is not provided). Interlibrary book loans fees are NT$100 per book, if sent via registered mail. There will be an additional NT$30 charge if the borrower requests the book(s) be sent via prompt registered mail). The fine for overdue books is NT$5 per day, per book.
  • Beginning in December 2005, the library has accepted requests for interlibrary loans and copied materials via NDDS for holdings in the library of the Center for Asian-Pacific Area Studies in RCHSS.

Interlibrary book loan agreement:

In addition to online requests for interlibrary loans via NDDS, in March 2003, our library signed an interlibrary loan agreement with university libraries throughout Taiwan. Formal members of the Institute can borrow books from these libraries upon showing valid library cards. Faculty members and students from participating universities can obtain a valid Institute library card from their universities’ libraries, enabling them to borrow books from the Institute library.


Chang Chia-Ying