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Brief History

The provisional department for the Institute of Ethnology was founded in August 1955. Under the direction of its founder, Dr. Ling Chun-Sheng, the Institute Library was established in September 1955. The library was restructured in 1988 in response to the increased number of works and collections,. In the early years, the library was located in the left wing on the second floor of the administration building of the Institute of Modern History. For the past 57 years, as the Institute Building changed locations, the library also changed locations in 1963, 1981, 1985, and 1997. The library is currently located on the first and second floors of the new research building of the Institute of Ethnology, with an area of approximately 600 square meters. This includes a reference room, a current periodicals room, a production room for compact disks, a compact disk microfiche room, a Taiwan-specific resources room, a general collection area and administrative offices. The general collection area on the second floor is divided into statistical data, oversized books, books in Asian languages, books in Western languages, bound periodicals in Asian languages, and bound periodicals in Western languages. There are 80 seats in the library.