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Full-time Research Fellows

Name Research Interests Field of Research E-mail Office Extension
Research Fellow and Director
Chang, Hsun
Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Anthropology of Religion Taiwan; Mainland
Research Fellow
Yeh, Kuang-Hui
Social Psychology; Moral Development; Family Psychology; Indigenous PsychologyTaiwan; Mainland
Research Fellow
Huang, Shiun-Wey
Cultural AnthropologyTaiwan;
Research Fellow and Deputy Director
Jou, Yuh-Huey
Social Psychology; Interpersonal Communication and Interaction; Life Stress and Social Support; Family Psychology; Marital RelationshipsTaiwan; Japan;
Research Fellow and Deputy Director
Yu, Shuenn-Der
Economic Anthropology; Historical Anthropology; Anthropology of Sense Taiwan; Han Yunnan; China Tibetan
Research Fellow
Ting, Jen-Chieh
Sociololgy of Religion; Qualitative Research; Folk Religion; Peasant SocietyTaiwan; Han
Research Fellow
Liu, Fei-Wen
Cultural Anthropology; Voice; Expression; Sentiments; NüshuChina; Han
Research Fellow
Liu, Shao-Hua
Anthropology; Health & Medicine; Globalization; Modernity; Gender; Social Disasters & Community ResilienceChina;
Research Fellow
Teri J. Silvio
Animation; Character Design; Gender and Sexuality; Popular Culture & Media; Performance; Cultural StudiesTaiwan; Hong Kong, China; Southeast
Associate Research Fellow
Yu, An-Bang
Cultural Psychology; Personality and Social Psychology; Psychology of Religion; Education and CultureTaiwan; China; Han
Associate Research Fellow
Chen, Wen-Te
Social AnthropologyTaiwan;
Associate Research Professor
Guo, Pei-yi
Legal Anthropology; Historical Anthropology; Cultural governance and heritage; Landscape and Culture; Local currencies; Theories and Methods in Cultural AnthropologyOceania; Melanesia; Solomon
Associate Research Fellow
Liu, Pi-Chen
Gender Studies; Symboilc Anthropology; Kinship; Shamanism; Healing Ritual; EthnicityTaiwan Indigenous Peoples; Kavalan;
Associate Research Fellow
Yang, Shu-Yuan
Cultural Aanthropology; Kinship and Personhood, Christianity, cultural politics, colonialism; Christianity; Cultural Politics; ColonialismTaiwan; Southeast Asia;
Associate Research Fellow
Lu, Hsin-Chun
Ethnomusicology; Diaspora Studies; Globalization; Soundscapes; Modernity Burma and Its
Associate Research Fellow
Jung, Shaw-Wu
Anthropology of Law; Political Anthropology; Politics of Culture; Community StudiesTaiwan; Hong
Associate Research Fellow
Peng, Jen-Yu
Psychoanalysis Theories and Practise; Clinical Humanities; Psychological Trauma; Incest ViolenceTaiwan;
Associate Research Fellow
Lin, Wen-Ling
New Media and Contemporary Indigenous Studies; Visual Anthropology; Gender Studies; Digital
Associate Research Fellow
Cheng, Wei-Ning
Work and Capitalism; Personhood and Kinship; Cultural Industry and Commodification; Affect and Emotionality; Existential Anthropologythe Rukai (Austronesian); Taitung (Taiwan)
Assistant Research Fellow
Kao, Chen-Yang
Religious Studies; Christianity in China; Pentecostal-charismatic
Assistant Research Fellow
Huang, Yueh-Po
Social Anthropology; New Religious Movement(NRM); Cross-border Migration; Anthropology of Education; Sociology of Education; Disability StudiesJapan; Taiwan; England, and South
Assistant Research Fellow
Huang, Shu-Li
Miao (Hmong) Christianity; Bureaucracy; Millenarianism; Literacy MovementSouthwest China; Highland Southeast
Assistant Research Fellow
Chang, Jen-Ho
Cultural psychology; positive psychology; self and social motivation; mindfulnessTaiwan and
Assistant Research Fellow
Wang, Shu-Li
Critical Heritage Studies; Museum Anthropology; Material Culture Studies; Cultural Memory; Cultural Politics/Cultural Policy; Archaeological EthnographyChina; Europe /
Assistant Research Fellow
Sheridan, Derek
Trans-nationalism and Migration, Empire, Ethics, Semiotics, Political Anthropology, Economic Anthropology (Global) China, East Africa, Tanzania,
Assistant Research Fellow
Huang, Chih-Huei
Cultural Anthropology; Ethnology; Japanese Studies; Okinawa Studies; Taiwan Indigenous Peoples StudiesJapan; Okinawa;
Assistant Research Fellow
Liu, Wen
Queer theory, affect theory, critical psychology, critical race theory, transpacific politics, Asian Americans, transnational migrationTaiwan, the US, Taiwan-China-US relations, Asia Pacific