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Corresponding / Adjunct Research Fellows

Name Research Interests Field of Research E-mail Office Extension
Corresponding Research Fellow and Academician (Retired, IOE)
Huang, Shu-Min
Han Chinese Society in Taiwan、Rural China、Chinese Diasporas in Northern Thailand Indigenous Austronesians in Taiwan、NGOs in Southwest China、 Land Reform in Taiwan and, 886-3-5715131#42826
Adjunct Research Fellow
Chuang, Ying-Chang
Cultural Anthropology、Society and Culture of Han Chinese、Hakka Studies、Marriage and Women、Historical
Adjunct Research Fellow (Retired, IOE)
Chu, Ruey-Ling
Personality and Social Psychology、Family Socialization、Culture and EmotionTaiwan、
Adjunct Research Fellow (Retired, IOE)
Lin, Mei-Rong
Folk Buddhism、Cultural Anthropology、China Kinship System、Taiwan Folk Beliefs、Social Organization of Han
Adjunct Research Fellow (Retired, IOE)
Yu, Guang-Hong
Adjunct Research Fellow
Chen, Hsiang-Shui
Overseas Chinese Society、Economic
Adjunct Research Fellow
Tung, Chun-Fa
Comparative cultural studies、Linguistics、Aboriginal Religion、Language and Culture in Paiwan、Christian
Adjunct Research Fellow
Wu, David Yen-Ho
Cultural Anthropology、Cross-Cultural Research、Overseas Studies、Ethnic Relations Studieswuyanhan@gmail.comR2307/26523391
Research Fellow (Retired, IOE)
Chun, Allen
Cultural Studies、Social Theory; Historical Transformation; Discourse & PracticeHong Kong;
Adjunct Associate Research Fellow (Retired, IOE)
Yeh, Chuen-Rong
Historical Anthropology、Han Chinese Religion、Silaya