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Emeritus Research Fellows

Name Research Interests Field of Research E-mail Office Extension
Distinguished Research Fellow
Hu, Tai-Li
Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Rituals and Cultural Performances, Taiwan Aboriginal Cultures, ShamanismTaiwan - Indigenous Peoples; Han
Research Fellow
Fung, Heidi
Development Psychology; Cultural PsychologyTaiwan; Han
Associate Research Fellow
Ho, Tsui-Ping
Cultural Anthropology、Historical
Associate Research Fellow
Chiu, Y.L. Fred
Industrial Anthropology、Cultural
Research Fellow
Huang, Ying-Kuei
Social Anthropology、Economic Development、social organization and social structure、Religion and Culture、Politics and
Associate Research Fellow
Chen, Mau-Thai
Applied Anthropology、Race and Ethnicity、Overseas Chinese Studies
Research Fellow
Hsu, Mu-Tsu
Psychological Anthropology、Medical Anthropology、Demographical
Research Fellow and Academician
Yang, Kuo-Shu
Personality Psychology、Social Psychology
Research Fellow and Academician
Li, Yih-Yuan
Cultural Anthropology、Religion Behavior、Symbolic Anthropology、Overseas Chinese Studies
Research Fellow
Shih, Lei
Social Anthropology 、(kinship system, Economy system, Social Change)
Associate Research Fellow
Hsu, Chia-Ming
Folk Beliefs、Han Society in Taiwan
Research Fellow
Liu, Jih-Wann
Folkloristics、Taoism、Folk Beliefs
Research Fellow
Wen, Chung-I
Sociology、Social and Cultural Changes、Problems of Modernization
Research Fellow
Liu, Pin-Hsiung
Mathematical Anthropology、Kinship Studies