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Date Title
2018-09-12Heritage at Large:Trans-territory connection and Sociality of Anshun Dixi in the Heritagization Process
2018-06-06Catastroffiti:The graffiti ethnographic study of indigenous post-disaster space.
2018-05-30Culture on Trial: Rights and Rule-Crafting Processes in Taiwan’s Indigenous Courts
2018-05-23Who's Sherpa??
2018-05-09The "Atmospheric" Indigenous Villages: The Exploration of "Atmosphere" in Tourism Places and Tourists' Embodied Experiences
2018-04-25Development of a mobile application (App) to delineate "digital chronotype
2018-04-11Reconsideration of the origin of “Yingling”:The concept of unborn dead in Dragan Lake Temple
2018-03-21The Processes and Outcomes of Dual Identity Integration
2018-03-07Unpacking words and faces: The social self and real self
2018-02-21Performing Assumptions?: Tuvalu’s Performative Cultural Diplomacy in Taiwan
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