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Site Navigator:

  1. 0.Home
  2. 1.Organization
    1. 1.1.Introduction
      1. 1.1.1.Brief History
      2. 1.1.2.Academic Missions & Research Facilities
      3. 1.1.3.Directors and Vice Directors
    2. 1.2.Committees
      1. 1.2.1.Advisory Committee
      2. 1.2.2.Academic Development Committee
    3. 1.3.Administrative Personnel
    4. 1.4.Information Technology Center
  3. 2.Research Faculty
    1. 2.1.Full-time Research Fellows
    2. 2.2.Corresponding / Adjunct Research Fellows
    3. 2.3.Emeritus Research Fellows
    4. 2.4.Present Postdoctoral Fellows
      1. 2.5.Past Postdoctoral Fellows
      2. 3.Research Group
        1. 3.1.Shamans and Ritual Performances in Contemporary Contexts Research Group
        2. 3.2.Body Experience Research Group
          1. 3.2.1.Intro
          2. 3.2.2.News
          3. 3.2.3.Conference
        3. 3.3.Medical Anthropology Research Group
        4. 3.4.Indigenous Psychology and Cultural Healing Research group
        5. 3.5.Comparative Austronesian Studies Research Group
        6. 3.6.Starting from Voice Research Group
        7. 3.7.Action Anthropology Research Group
        8. 3.8.Family, Generations and Life Course
          1. 3.9.Regional Studies and Regional Governance Research Group
            1. 3.10.Lived Religion Research Group
            2. 4.Visiting Scholars Application
              1. 4.1.Application for Visiting Scholars and Students
            3. 5.Research Grant
              1. 5.1.Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows Program
              2. 6.Library
                1. 7.Museum
                  1. 8.Publications
                    1. 9.Lectures and Conferences
                      1. 9.1.Monday Lectures
                        1. 9.1.1.Monday Lectures
                        2. 9.1.2.Previous Lectures
                      2. 9.2.Lunch Talks
                        1. 9.2.1.Lunch Talks
                        2. 9.2.2.Previous Talks
                      3. 9.3.Conferences
                        1. 9.3.1.Conferences
                        2. 9.3.2.Previous Conferences
                      4. 9.4.Seminar Talks
                        1. 9.4.1.Seminar Talks
                        2. 9.4.2.Previous Talks
                    2. 10.Recruitment
                    3. 11.News